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The serum is amazing and love the meaning behind the name of their products

The Esther Fragrance is amazing

This is just the best scent I’ve ever worn. I can’t believe how great it smells. All of the scents are amazing. Rahab is tied for first place for me. But they all smell great. You won’t go wrong picking any of them!

I can’t love this enough!

I met the Fam at the Nampa Farmers Market last season and was excited to see them again this year. The Legacy Illuminating Serum has been a wonder for my skin in high desert of Idaho. What this is: fantastic hydration! I have created oil blends at home for skincare, but the oils in this blend absorb better than anything else I’ve tried. All of the oils in this serum are there for a good reason. There aren’t any unnecessary ingredients, and I challenge you to find a skincare line with a better ingredients list.

What it’s not: makeup disguised as skincare.

Nicely done!


I love my fragrance roller! I got the scent Hannah and it is BEAUTIFUL smelling! I mean, if you could smell beautiful! That would be the scent!
I plan to purchase more fragrance rollers!

Better than big brand lotions

This is probably the best lotion I’ve used, it’s also the only lotion I use now. Esther is currently my favorite. The combo of jasmine, lilac and lily creates a beautiful perfumes floral scent that isn’t artificial or offensive. I also appreciate Mary which is unscented. My mom is very sensitive to fragrance so it’s nice to be able to get her some amazing lotion.

Absolutely wonderful

This is my favorite perfume. I use Rahab and it smells amazing and last all day. It's a wonderful delicate aroma. Absolutely love it.

Legacy Illuminating Serum

I tried the Legacy Illuminating Serum and it works great. I had pretty bad acne on my face and I tried this serum and it started working fast. Also, it makes my face smoother, brighter, and keeps from skin from breaking out. I definitely recommend this serum.

It is the only product that heals my arms. They break out on a regular basis and itch like crazy.

Body Lotion

Legacy Illuminating Serum

No more dry skin

Eve lotion is absolutely amazing. It makes my hands so soft, especially in this drying weather. My hands were cracked and hurting. After the first application I felt immediate relief. And the pomegranate mango scent is so refreshing. I love this lotion. No oily after feeling. I will never be without it. And, Her Legacy is such a great company. I highly recommend them. I have a few of their products and each one is the highest quality. Thank you.

I’m sold!

I bought the illuminating serum a little reluctant over the price, but it has last over two months! My skin feels great, and I feel great knowing I’m not adding more synthetics to my skin!

Healing hand product

I started using the sugar scrub a couple of months ago. I use it each morning on my face, neck and elbows. It is a great way to start my da. I love how it makes my skin feel and look and the fragrance is amazing!
What I didn't expect is how it would help my hands. I have struggled with extremely dry hands that often crack and bleed. Since using this scrub, my hands are markedly different. I no longer feel compelled to hide my hands because they are so dry. They look 30 years younger!!
Thank you for helping heal my hands!

Very moisturizing

I have very dry skin and have to reapply face cream several times a day in the winter. I have been using this serum since November and it keeps my face moisturized all day!

A couple small things so far!

I have been using this every day and night now for about 6 weeks. I just bought my second bottle just to be prepared...cause that's the way I am! :-) It makes my face feel smooth and soft for sure! The only problem I have had is that it made the pores on my nose larger than usual. I did not dig that but after I searched the causes of enlarged pores I found it was the oil on mature skin. I quit using it on my nose and that absolutely helped.

The dropper also has a little problem. The gold part on the outside of the dropper has disconected from the turn part of the dropper and I can't close it tightly now or it will not turn and open the bottle. I'll see if the second bottle has the same problem when I get to it.

Small things but all in all nice oil!

We're so glad to hear you've been enjoying the serum and we are thrilled you were able to customize its use for your skin! Thank you for mentioning the dropper too, we'll send a new one out to you right away!

End of dry skin

This is the first time in many years that I have seen an improvement my dry skin. I have had patches of dryness on my eyelids
That is gone now. My skin texture has changed for the better.


Love this so much! My skin glows and feels and looks so much better!

Makes my skin soft

I love this serum! I have been using it all summer and fall. My wrinkles are smaller and my skin is so soft.

silky smooth

My dry winter skin is in love with this product. No scaly, itchy skin. Soothes, smooths and smells so good. Thanks


I love this serum! I have been using it for 2 months and now I don't even need moisturizer. I plan on giving it as gifts.

LOVE the sachets!

I purchased an Esther sachet for myself. Have it in my closet and EVERY time I walk there, such a lovely scent. I plan to buy several as gifts for friends.


I got a sample of the serum and made it last for two weeks. I could not wait to buy a full bottle of the serum and what an incredible product, my face and chest feel amazing!

I was referred to try this and I LOVE IT!

I love this serum. Skeptical at first because it’s very affordable for a face serum. LOVE it and the fragrance is very very nice.

Legacy Illuminating Serum

What an amazing product!

Best product bar none

I am loving the illuminating serum so much! I don’t have to wear foundation anymore I just use the serum morning and night and the differences and so amazing! I used to use dr Denise’s product and still had to use other products. I’m telling you this stuff is like magic! I am only wearing mascara now! Love, love, love it! If you haven’t tried it you should. It only took me three days before I knew how great it was. The images I am putting on are before and 4 weeks of use no make up.