Who we are

Her Legacy Beauty & Gifts is an Idaho-based company whose mission it is to honor God by honoring women in Scripture and reminding modern women that we, like those women, are part of God's ongoing plan. 

The inspiration for Her Legacy Beauty & Gifts comes from the Book of Esther. 

Queen Esther was already beautiful when she arrived at the palace. But before she was presented to the King, she underwent 12 months of beauty treatments. That 12-month spa experience reminds us that God made women beautiful and placed within us a desire to feel beautiful and to be seen as beautiful by others. We honor this God-given characteristic by creating inspired fragrances inspired by those women and high quality beauty products that are of exquisite quality.  

We hope that the women who use our beauty products will be encouraged to remember that theylike the women whose lives have been recorded in Scripturecan leave a legacy of beauty and faith.