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Her Legacy Beauty

Scented Sachet

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Women love to smell good. In fact, we love everything around us to smell good, too.

We have created sachets to make your world smell wonderful. Each sachet is filled with aroma beads saturated in that woman's fragrance blend. Tuck them in your lingerie drawer. Stash them in the linen closet. Keep one in your car. 

Each sachet lasts several months before beginning to become less fragrant. 

The sachets are a wonderful way to experiment with fragrances. Which one would you love in your lingerie drawer? Rahab? What would make your linens smell fresh? Hannah? Would the delicious scent of Eve make your trips about town more enjoyable? 

God made this wonderful world beautiful. You can make parts of your world smell beautiful, too.

Customer Reviews

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I ordered a set of 3 sachets - Ruth was my favorite. I enjoyed the combination of tea and ginger. The stories of Biblical women on your website were a pleasure to read.

Not for review but just to tell you, I found your website very difficult to use…the pictures and words don’t on the review they all said Eve but I bought 3 different sachets…I never did match words for Deborah to a sachet picture. My daughter in law owns a digital marketing agency..she could help you clear up your website and grow your business I am sure:

So glad to hear you enjoyed Ruth! Our mission is to remind women that just like these amazing Biblical women, we are all a part of God's ongoing plan.

We appreciate your feedback on the website and will look at updating those! We'll also check out your daughter in law's site. Thanks Gail!