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Her Legacy Beauty & Gifts has created unique fragrances to honor women in the Bible. Each fragrance reflects something in that woman's character or circumstances. They are a reminder that often, our circumstances are like theirs, and we, too, can leave a legacy of beauty and faith.

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Here are the women and the meaning behind their fragrance blends.

ELIZABETH: Almond, Honey, Vanilla, Peach & Musk

Elizabeth was John the Baptist’s mother and Mary’s cousin. She was old and barren until God intervened and granted her a child. God told Elizabeth and Zechariah that their son would prepare the way for the Lord. Because Elizabeth raised John to adulthood when he could begin his ministry, Elizabeth also took part in preparing the way for Jesus' ministry.

We have created a warm scent for Elizabeth, blending almond, honey vanilla, peach, and musk. The honey gives a nod to her son, John who was known to eat wild honey in the wilderness. Many customers remark that the "Elizabeth" fragrance is comforting. 


ESTHER: Jasmine, Lilac & Lily

Queen Esther strolled the Persian palace gardens on her way to talk with her cousin Mordecai. Esther’s fragrance reflects the flowers which might have grown in her garden; the sweet scent of jasmine, lilac and lily. If you enjoy floral, you will adore "Esther."


EVE: Pomegranate & Mango

Living in the Garden of Eden, Eve was surrounded by fruit of every type. We honor her with a delicious blend of pomegranate and mango. You won’t be able to resist this fragrance. "Eve" is one our best selling fragrances and a consistent favorite among men, looking to purchase something special for a woman in their lives.


HANNAH: Grapefruit, White Nectarine, Jasmine, Gardenia & Mint

Hannah was tormented and ridiculed by her husband's "other wife," who had children, while Hannah had none. Hannah finally cried out to God in despair and was blessed with many children. Her first son, Samuel, was the last of the judges of Israel and the man who anointed both King Saul and King David. Because Hannah would have needed refreshing after a day with the other wife, we have created a clean, refreshing blend of grapefruit, white nectarine, jasmine, gardenia and mint.


MARY: Unscented

The Bible is filled with women named Mary, but the one we honor here is Jesus’ mother. Mary was obedient, trusting God and raising Jesus to adulthood when he could begin His ministry. Because of her purity, we have left "Mary" unscented, adding no fragrance. "Mary" is the perfect choice for women with sensitivity to fragrance or for women who still want a rich, luxurious lotion that won’t conflict with their favorite perfume.


RAHAB: Sandalwood, Rose, Jasmine, Lemon & Musk

Throughout Scripture, Rahab was referred to as “Rahab the prostitute,” until the New Testament which listed her in the human lineage of Jesus, when the stigma of prostitute was removed.

Rahab’s story is one of redemption. Despite her sinful past, Rahab was forgiven and became one of God’s chosen people, when she was taken in by the Israelites after the battle of Jericho. Her story speaks of her daring courage and how each of us have an important role to play in God’s plan. Rahab’s fragrance reflects her spicy, earthy past with sandalwood, rose, jasmine, lemon and musk. If you enjoy a bold, spicy fragrance with hints of floral and fruit, you will love "Rahab."


RUTH: White Tea, Ginger & Honeysuckle

Ruth was another woman listed in the human lineage of Jesus and was the great-grandmother of King David. She was a non-Jewish widow who left her home and lived with her mother-in-law’s people. The book of Ruth is a foreshadowing of Jesus as our kinsman redeemer. It is also a sweet story of a strong, committed woman.

Ruth spent her days in Boaz’ fields gathering barley. Afterwards she might have enjoyed a calming, refreshing cup of tea and a bit of a ginger pick-me-up. Ruth’s fragrance blend is white tea and ginger with a dash of honeysuckle to reflect her sweet character. We think this fragrance would have been her favorite and we hope it will be yours too.