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Body Lotion

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We women want to feel beautiful. Feeling beautiful and recognizing the beauty God gave you is what Her Legacy Beauty and Gifts is all about. 

Our fragrances which honor women in Scripture help you feel that beauty God sees. The lives of those women have been recorded for us. They left a legacy of beauty and faith and the preservation of their lives in God's Holy Bible is evidence of the value God has for all women—especially His women of faith. 

But we women not only want to feel beautiful inside. We want to feel our beauty outside, too. To help you feel that beauty, we created a luxurious hand and body lotion, rich in shea butter and avocado oil. The lotion will leave your hands and body feeling silky smooth; never sticky or greasy.

Her Legacy Beauty and Gifts hand and body lotion is available in each of the fragrances inspired by women in Scripture: Elizabeth, Esther, Eve, Hannah, Rahab, and Ruth. It is also available in Mary—unscented for women sensitive to fragrance or who don't want a lotion to conflict with their perfume.

Go to the Our Fragrances page on the top menu to read more about each of these women and how we created a fragrance specifically for her.

Customer Reviews

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Esther lotion, body scrub and fragrance. LOVE LOVE LOVE this scent!! The body scrub leaves my skin so soft and moisturized! The lotion is so decadent without being greasy. It’s perfect. And the fragrance is just wonderful. I really love it.


The lotion is great! I love Deborah! :) Thank you!

Better than big brand lotions

This is probably the best lotion I’ve used, it’s also the only lotion I use now. Esther is currently my favorite. The combo of jasmine, lilac and lily creates a beautiful perfumes floral scent that isn’t artificial or offensive. I also appreciate Mary which is unscented. My mom is very sensitive to fragrance so it’s nice to be able to get her some amazing lotion.


Body Lotion

No more dry skin

Eve lotion is absolutely amazing. It makes my hands so soft, especially in this drying weather. My hands were cracked and hurting. After the first application I felt immediate relief. And the pomegranate mango scent is so refreshing. I love this lotion. No oily after feeling. I will never be without it. And, Her Legacy is such a great company. I highly recommend them. I have a few of their products and each one is the highest quality. Thank you.