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Her Legacy Beauty

Holiday Gift Set Luxury Lotion + Scrub + Roller

Fragrance of Choice
Gift Bag + Gold Tissue Paper
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Gift Set Contents (In fragrance of your choice):

  • Body Lotion x1
  • Sugar Body Scrub x1
  • Fragrance Roller x1

Feel the wonderfully beautiful handcrafted luxury of our products in one complete set!

For our fans who enjoy our handmade, and hand-designed, fragrances as much as we do! Be warmly embraced with our beautifully complex yet tantalizingly engaging fragrances created with inspiration from each of these women found in the Bible. Each fragrance will also allow you, and those whom compliment you, a moment of God's grace as you share in the history and beauty of these wonderful women while looking and feeling more powerful thanks to His story and the women He chose within it.

Body Lotion:

We women not only want to feel beautiful inside. We want to feel our beauty outside, too. To help you feel that beauty, we created a luxurious hand and body lotion, rich in shea butter and avocado oil. The lotion will leave your hands and body feeling silky smooth; never sticky or greasy.

Her Legacy Beauty and Gifts hand and body lotion is available in each of the fragrances inspired by women in Scripture: Elizabeth, Esther, Eve, Hannah, Rahab, and Ruth. It is also available in Mary—unscented for women sensitive to fragrance or who don't want a lotion to conflict with their perfume.

Sugar Body Scrub:

Layering. We women love to layer our fragrances. We start in the shower, a body scrub exfoliating and softening our skin. Then we apply lotion to make our skin silky and smooth, before slipping into our undies that have absorbed the light scent from our drawer sachets.  

Her Legacy Beauty and Gifts' Sugar scrub is the first part of that layering. The ingredients are simple: coconut oil and avocado oil to hydrate, sugar to exfoliate, and fragrance to complete the wonderful experience. 

Luxury Fragrance Roller:

Her Legacy Beauty presents: Eau de Parfum 

Layer the fragrance you love! Each perfume roller has the same delicately complex fragrance as our lotions, scrubs, and sachets. Roll on at pulse points. Throughout the day, rub lightly to re-warm the oil and refresh the fragrance.

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